Engine Doesn't Fire! Timing?

I have a 2001 Avanti Autopower. I recently just pulled apart the clutch, cleaned it up (the rubber nodes that held the starter plate in place had corroded and were floating around in my tranny) and put it back together. I couldn't find the rubber nodes but I ended up replacing them with pop rivets.

Needless to say, I peddle, pull the lever, I can feel the compression when the piston moves (at least I think because it sounds like its going to start), but it never fires. I put in a new spark plug and had my buddy peddle while I checked for spark and it definitely works. I also cleaned the float bowl out of the carb along with some other stuff just short of taking it completely apart. Should I do that as well?

Could it be that my timing is off? Is that why its not firing? The only thing I think that might of happened is that I offset the magneto when I was loosening or tightening the clutch.

I would greatly appreciate any advice.


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