Jawa 210


Please can anyone help me I got a puncture on the back wheel and took it off to fix I have put it on but cannot work out how to attach the brake cable to a metal thing on the back I know this is a little vague but does anyone recognise what I mean!!??

Re: Jawa 210

Loosen it all the way, then tuck it in there, and then tighten it back to the right spot.

I'm really not sure how the Jawa's are set up, but alot are the same.

Hope that helps a little. Maybe take a picture if all else fails.


Re: Jawa 210

Are you speaking of that metal bracket that holds the cable at the rear wheel??

I had trouble w/ '92 Jawa 210 also, but I figured it out after 20 minutes.

If you want I can get you a pic of how mine is.


Re: Jawa 210

Let me know if you cant get it figured out, I can take a snappy of mine and post it for you for reference. Should be similar I would think.

Re: Jawa 210


Thank you everyone for your help, yes it was the bit you were all talking about and now it is fix, crossing my fingers.


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