79 Vespa Grande gremlins

Edward Richardson /

I've been trying to get spark as the first step to starting my Grande. I've been checking the wiring, which has been creatively modified at some point in the past by humans and vermin. After discovering no voltage coming from the coil circuit, I jumpered it off the headlight circuit, (red wire to the blue wire) and got spark. Then got the fuel to flow thru the carb. Then used wire to get the muddobber's nest out of the exhaust pipe. And the damn thing started. I rode it around the block today and it seems to have good power. Anyone have an idea about what could be the issue with the coil circuit?

Re: 79 Vespa Grande gremlins

coil cotacts(the curved part) are rusty.

Re: 79 Vespa Grande gremlins

Edward Richardson /

Would this be the three wire junction visible through the observation hole? If not can I clean the contacts without disassembling everything?

Re: 79 Vespa Grande gremlins

If you're talking about what I think you are...you can fold us a small pice of and paper and run it between the points...but I could be thinking of something else

Re: 79 Vespa Grande gremlins

wait, jumped it off your ignition coil? you took it apart and swapped coil locations? or just changed your wires? it shouldnt run if its in the wrong place...

with the ignition coil in the right place,

Ok, so disconnect everything at the engine and run the wire from the igniton coil directly to the spark coil. dissconect the kill switch wire from the circuit. use your decompression lever as a kill switch.

If you have spark you have a fault in your wiring,

if you dont have spark, you have a fault in the one wire left or your coil contacts are rusty.

You have to take the engine out and remove your flywheel to clean it up.

I've never had a bad ignition coil.

Re: 79 Vespa Grande gremlins

Bruce Wilkinson /

I had the secondary coil under the flywheel fail due to a wire burnt off from rubbing on the cam. Take the flywheel off and inspect the wiring inside.

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