Tomos Arrow Oil Tank Problem

My buddy and i went to the Sierras for a couple of days and I hauled his 2005 'ped along with my Hobbit in my truck.

When I got there his bike had puked oil out of his oil tank all over my truck. I thought, well hell, it must have been overfull and the bouncing down the highway made it puke.

We went for a long ride and when we stopped his bike had puked all over again. There does no appear to be any problem with the oil tank plug and his other duplicate bike does not do this.

Has anyone had the same problem and can suggest a fix? He is going to swap the plugs over from his other unit to see if the problem gets cured.

And no, he does not want to remove the tank and run pre-mix even though I have told him all the horror stories about the Tomos injection systems.

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