Camino wheels on a Vespa

HEY=) Have anyone tried to put on a pair of Honda camino rims 5star rims on a Vespa Ciao, Bravo or si?? My friend have a camino and it's the same rear hub gearbox thing on both my Bravo and his Camino! Belt on one side and chain on the other, and same way to take the gearbox in gears and back to pedal!

Possible i can buy a set of wheels and it will work? Have to ask you guys and girls cause i'm not that sure but i thing i will work!


Frank Robert Telle


Re: Camino wheels on a Vespa

depends on what size belt each uses, and the bolt spacing on the swingarm- we don't get the camino set-up in the US- the hobbit is slightly diffrent.

Re: Camino wheels on a Vespa

Frank -

I've been trying to get Camino wheels like those in the states forever... so I can put them on my Hobbit.

I'll buy those wheels or another set just like them right now. Name your price!!!

Send me an email if you are interested.



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