WTB: Engine Head Bolts

i am looking for one engine head bolt for a 1980 puch magnum mk2...or a local store at which i could buy one...thank you

Re: WTB: Engine Head Bolts

I get most of my bolts from Lowes.

Just look in their metric drawers, in the screw and bolt size.

(Reportedly, ACE Hardware also has a good selection)

You must make sure to match the bolt type code symbols

stamped on the head of your old bolt to the new bolt.

Otherwise, your 'new' bolt may shear when you're torquing up.

Re: WTB: Engine Head Bolts

Head bolt? You mean cylinder stud?

Re: WTB: Engine Head Bolts

Jordan Caughey /

It probably would have gotten a better response if it was placed in the buy/sell section of the forums. But besides that I usually go to lowes or other hardware stores and if I can't find them there then just go to Ike :D He should have some or mopedshop.com

Re: WTB: Engine Head Bolts

yo go to the big K lol jp got to the hadware store

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