Troublesome seat spring install-vespa ciao

Aaron McTaggart /

I have a 76 ciao and I'm having a good deal of trouble getting the spring for the seat swingarm back in place. It would appear as though I have to compress the spring extremely tightly, put it in its place, and quickly bolt it together before everything flies apart. Trouble is, I can't compress that spring, and I haven't found a spring compressor to fit the job. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Just to clarify, were talking about the big spring found under the front of the rack(has a plasti c cover over it). Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Re: Troublesome seat spring install-vespa ciao

It helps to have another person work with you to compress the spring. Stand over rack facing toward the seat and compress it while the other person puts that nut on the bottom of the bolt. Also, make sure that the big rubber washer is in the correct spot, otherwise you will not be able to compress that spring nearly enough. Hope that helps.



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