Drum brakes on Batavus

I just got a 1980 Batavus and the brakes dont work, I was wondering if some one could give me some tips or pointers on what I should do


Re: Drum brakes on Batavus

I need a brake drum for a 77 Bat HS50.

This might help.....

"There's a Batavus manual here":http://www.mopedriders.org/article_cat.php?fldAuto=2&sid=7a83db1aa8878a373127dc97a487306d

Re: Drum brakes on Batavus

The brakes do nothing at all? Is the cable moving when you pull on the lever? You gotta pull your wheel off, remove the brake assembly from the hub, and see what it looks like in there.

Re: Drum brakes on Batavus

hard to find those tiny little brake setups. they are so small! couldnt get any for mine

Re: Drum brakes on Batavus

Yes the brakes work but they take an extended amount of time to stop. I took about the front hub and looked at it. Still had a pad< could there be some kind of film on it, how do I get it off? The wire moves on both front and back, im juist not sure if they are worn or what? I tightened the wire per the manual and the front worked a little better, but the back not at all. Should I just get new pads and rear cable?

Re: Drum brakes on Batavus

If there is meat left on the shoes get some sandpaper and sand the shoes a little to remove any of the "glazing". Should stop better then.

Re: Drum brakes on Batavus

Sand the glazing off the shoes like 2speed said. As you do it, if it looks like there's oil or grease on the shoes, you need to clean them with Brake-Kleen. Spray, wipe off, and repeat until they're clean. Also use steel wool or sandpaper on the drum in the hub to remove any rust or corrosion. Grease only the pivot point and cam when you reassemble.

Unless you're rear cable is so stretched that the lever almost meets the hand grip, you don't need to replace it. Clean up the rear brakes the same way you do the front. Don't forget that there's an adjustment at the wheel as well as the lever.

Re: Drum brakes on Batavus

"Don&#8217;t forget that there&#8217;s an adjustment at the wheel as well as the lever"

What does this part look like, I dont want to mess anything up on my new baby.

Re: Drum brakes on Batavus

It should look a lot like the attached picture. To tighten the cable, loosen the rearmost locknut and turn the long hex nut counterclockwise, pulling the cable towards the front of the bike and the brake arm along with it. With the bike on its stand, check the movement of the lever and the brake function often and don't tighten the cable too much or the brakes will drag. Then run the front locknut rearward up against the bracket and tighten the rear locknut to hold the whole thing in place. These adjustments should be done AFTER you have cleaned the shoes and drums.

If you need help with removing the wheels, come on back to the forum.


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