Replacing points and condenser

Do you have to take off the fly wheel to replace the points and the condenser on the tomos a35 engine? Anyone know where to get a cheap set of points and condenser? Thanks...

Re: Replacing points and condenser

do not know about the a35 but I had to with the a3 so I would assume it would be the same .you can get a flywheel puller loaner at advanced auto . then you get your money back. for parts for the tomos . I do not know what you call cheep but I used the they are in maryland they seem to have everyting a mopedist with a tomos needs. If you cannot get it fixed you can always sell it to me.

Re: Replacing points and condenser

thanks on the puller advice. Do you remember the proper size? Actually I cleaned and re-adjusted the points, but I think they are on their last leg, and I just want to replace them so they do not become a problem. Mopedjunkyard is nice but pricy. I got points, condenser and a sparkplug for $27 on an ebay store. If you have turn signals (the whole setup, switch, flasher, signals) and/or a mirror, would like to buy or trade. I have a speed gear (I think 27 tooth). Thanks again.

Re: Replacing points and condenser

try here for the points

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