motobecane gas leak

A small puddle of gas formed under my 50V after sitting for two days. Its dripping off of the metal strap and the middle of the muffler. Before I take it apart, whats the likely culprit? Carb overflowing? Petcock?

Re: motobecane gas leak

AT the middle of the muffler, sorry.

Re: motobecane gas leak

ಠ_ಠ Jon Folks ಠ_ಠ /

Could be both, but it is probably the petcock not closing properly.

Re: motobecane gas leak

Motobecane Master /

I had the exact same problem a month ago. It was the carb overflowing. Start it and see if it shoots gas down the muffler strap when you give it gas. If it does that's what it is.

If not, dry the whole thing up and wait to see where the gas is leaking from. Then proceed from there.

Re: motobecane gas leak

If it's all stock ,its probably the petcock. usually if you just take it apart and clean it out it will be ok, if not, it's really not a huge issue if you don't want to worry about it. You'll only be losing like 20 drops a night.

But it also never hurst to go through and check you carb. My moby did ths to me after adjusting the carb and not putting a gasket in it right. Both problmes are failry easy fixes, 30 minutes at the most to check it out.

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