adjusting the timing

how do you do it without and ohm reader? can you do it without special tools? were working on a 78 puch maxi

Re: adjusting the timing

Jason Luther /

check freds guide, it gives a method using thin paper. get an ohm meter (multimeter), you can find one for under $10 and they are real handy

Re: adjusting the timing

Fred's guide with the thin paper procedure is located at:

Excellent red digital multi-meters are often on sale at Sears for $10.


Re: adjusting the timing

it should have an adjustment allowing a tiny rotation of the stator plate,which holds the points. Probably 2 screws.

Set the point gap first and then the timing. don-ohio

Re: adjusting the timing

You can use a continuity light instead of a meter if you have one. Attach the same as a meter. it lights when points close, and goes out when the points open.

Re: adjusting the timing

Craig Flipy /

Thanks y'all! I think the Fred's guide is exactly what I'm looking for. I just had to change a starter cable on my girlfriend's moped and have ended up exploring much farther than expected! Fix one thing mess up another! ha!

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