starter lever? engine won't go

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Hi everyone! okay. ive been working on my girlfriend's Puch 2 speed 78 maxi forever! her short cable snapped on her and after much hassle i got in there and replaced it, put everything back right as far as i know, even the rollers. then adjusted the nut (ha ha) on the trans case like the manual says. actually, during this the manual says to turn to the right until the wheel drags. i never felt a difference there and aren't exactly sure what that means maybe. anyways, i screwed it down a bit and put the cable back in place, washed my dumb hands and prepared for a ride! but no, no engine action. it's almost as if it wants to go. there's compression, gas, and a new spark plug. im assuming its just the adjustment, but like i said i can't tell when your suppossed to turn it back left 6-7 times. any help would be the complete bomb yo!

Re: starter lever? engine won't go

The way I did it was to put the bike on the center stand and turn the pedals forward by hand. You should be able to easily turn the pedals and thus the rear wheel. I hold the big nut and back out the small one. When you get the nut too tight, you will feel resistance in the pedals. At that point, you are trying to turn over the engine, and that's the "drag" the book is reporting. Now, turn the small nut the proper number of turns back in. I just hold the big nut and turn the small one. The manual reports the big one is the "adjusting nut and sleeve" so turning that one is the opposite direction of the small nut. The effect is the same. Then go on to tighting the lock nut (hold the big nut and tighten the lock nut down) and putting "free play" in the hand lever per the next instruction in the manual. If you never feel drag with this procedure, you have a bad clutch or too much slack in the cable where it fastens to the hand lever. Test the clutch by moving the lever forward with pliers. You should feel drag at some point. If you do, you have too much slack in the cable at the hand lever. If you never do, you have a bad clutch inside the engine.

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