FA50 Piston & Cylinder

I recently snapped the bolts on the cylinder due to not using a torque wrench. I know, stupid. Anyway, I've ordered new bolts for the cylinder.

The problem I have is that with the cylinder head and muffler removed, I cannot remove the cylinder or piston from the crank. It seems to be stuck.

I'd rather not disassemble the crankcase if it is unnecessary for removing the cylinder and piston. What I'm wondering is how are these cylinder bolts attached to the crankcase?

I was originally trying to dissasemble the cylinder for cleaning because it seems to be overheating. It runs for about 15-20 minutes before making a fast buzzing sound and then stalling.

Re: FA50 Piston & Cylinder

usually they are screwed in i think, that's the way it was on the only one i've ever taken apart.

if you have enough threads, you can put 2 nuts on the bolt and tighten them together, then loosen(ccw) the one furthest from you, that should free it.

good luck,


Re: FA50 Piston & Cylinder

very clever! thanks.

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