Tomos Targa Retro Fit Shocks?

I am looking at picking up heavy duty shocks for my targa - between the wind visor , tool box on the back, and my fat ass when i hit a bump i feel like i am going airborne

the heavy duties i can get out here (up here - alberta canada) for 100 bucks cdn. which is fine however this made me wonder if any of you moped Guru's (you know who you are!!) have found any brands of motorbike shocks etc that bolt onto the targa frame - i am thinking in terms of originality and in terms of longevity that i would prefer some form of shock that was made to accomodate a lot of weight (well i mean i only weigh 200 lbs but with the tools etc i would prefer to be 50 percent of the shock load than 66%)

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