NOW what is it?!?!

Oh my,

i've been fixing this motobecane (40T 1977) up off and on since january, and finally finished up what i thought was left to do. Just aligned my rear wheel and filled those tires with air, thinking OOOOHweee! i think she's ready for the road FINALLY, so i squat down and turn the fuel line on, and gasoline starts pouring and dripping out of the carb! i tightened one of the nuts, which helped alot, but the little chimney style/type tall hole on the very top, is still pouring forth with gasoline. What did i do wrong? Do i have to take the whole carb apart again to fix this? I thought i put everything back in place as it was when i cleaned it, so i don't understand, i guess i didn't. any advice??? thanks alot.


desperately wanting to ride :-/

Re: NOW what is it?!?!

See Ya Moped Army /

Make sure the pointy tip of the float is pointing up towards the top of the carb.

Re: NOW what is it?!?!

okay, so i guess do have to take the whole carb apart again. murf.

someone else posted that one should make sure "the float is still floating", how do i tell that? cuz it seems like this is a float problem.

Re: NOW what is it?!?!

float not floating needle valve not seating no floaty no seaty

Re: NOW what is it?!?!

me understand now

Carb leaking

So i just took my carb apart, and the float was in there just fine, so now what?

it just slowly gushes out of the hole above the float bowl.

i was wondering, is it possible that i need to loosen one of those many screws on there? isn't there supposed to be one that you count how many times you turn it, the one with the spring on the side maybe?

<sigh> i really thought it was the float not seating well, but it's downright comfy in its' little bowl there. thanks for help!

Re: NOW what is it?!?!

okay, i'll never forget to point the pointy end up. thank you for that very simple suggestion that worked!

Re: Carb leaking

Leon Swarmer /

nope, not a screws problem. if the float isn't pushing the pointy end of the valve up and stoping the flow you'll not get it with screws. Leave the bowl off and hook it to fuel and see if you can shut off the fuel supply with the needle valve. Is your float full of fuel? Is it set right to shut off when the fuel in the bowl gets to the proper level? bet not.\

Re: Carb leaking

gurtners dont have a bowl as conventional carburetors do. take it apart, pull the float out and shake it. if there's gas in it, its bad. if not, you can test it anyway by putting it in a glass of water. it should...well...float.

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