QT50 run then quit...help

I have a 1982 QT50, it as been a long time that it did not run.

It idles nice, run nice for about 2000 feet then start too act.

it start to act like it goes to rev limiter but the switch is at run and if you let go the throttle it dies...then you need to grank for a while before it goes again.

- I took it out, clean carb (2 or 3 times)

- cleaned fuel tanl / gas valve.

- replaced gaz (put super and carb cleaner) and oil.

- checked reed valves.

- check for clog in the exhaust port.

- looked at the piston from the exhaust and looked fine.

- replaced fuel and oil line.

- installed fuel filter on line.

- installed new batterie.

For the first start I mixed the gas in the tank so it will not run too leen for first tank.

Anyone can help me ?

Re: QT50 run then quit...help

that doesn't sound like an electrical problem. try removing the air filter and muffler. there's a drain screw at the bottom of the carb. loosen that screw and drain the gas for about 10 seconds. dirt may exist.

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