Its just sad

I have not gotten to ride my moped yet. Im so sad. I was hoping to have it running by now. Ive had it all summer and cant get it to run damn it. I guess my retarded ass will just have to find a that will happen. Damn it all to hell!

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why dont you start with what the problem is and what you've done to date and maybe someone will offer some good advice. there seems to be a lot of knowledgeable minds on this board

Re: Its just sad

I have tried time and time again. Im just frustrated

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Re: Its just sad

Okay here it is. I have done the following;

Completely cleaned and treated the gas tank

Replaced the float, old one was bad

Cleaned the crab over a dozen times

Replaced fuel filter and hoses

Replaced spark plug

General gunk from when it was sitting

Okay so thats what Ive done so far. Now before I did all this the ped ran but wouldnt go very fast at all, but it would start, idle and stay running.

Since I have done the cleaning the ped won't run.

What happens is I pedal....the motor begins to turn over but it's weak sounding. Then it will put-put-put I give it a bit of gas and it dies. Hell whatever I do it dies.

I've tried adjusting the idle screw but there is no difference. I'm at a complete loss here. I was really hoping this would be my vehicle to get to school and back....guess the jokes on me.

I'm open to any suggestions

btw I have a 1980 Peugeot 102 sp


Re: Its just sad

for sure always clean yur crab!

Re: Its just sad

your plug is gapped to what?

have you tried with the air cleaner off ?

not familiar with your machine but after the cleaning is the choke mechanism working?

what kind of mix (fuel/oil) are you using

how long does it put put before it dies first twist of gas bogs it out?

Re: Its just sad

There are only 4 ingredients for a running engine... fuel, air, compression, and spark (at the right time!) Since your engine ran before and you haven't messed with the timing, it's probably not that... same goes for compression, although you may want to look at that later, low compression could cause it to be underpowered. If you didn't put on a new, makeshift air filter, then it's probably getting the right amount of air, so that leaves fuel and spark. Since you cleaned the tank, have you made sure that fuel flows easily out of it? When you cleaned the carb, did you make sure you could blow compressed air through your jet and your carb's passageways?

Re: Its just sad

Everything you've done is good. Here's a couple of other things to try:

Clean the points.

Clean out the exhaust and muffler.

If you need help with how to do these things, ask us.

Re: Its just sad


your plug is gapped to what? The plug was the first thing I replaced and I honestly dont remember what I gapped it at but it ran after I replaced it.

have you tried with the air cleaner off ? No I havent

not familiar with your machine but after the cleaning is the choke mechanism working? Yes it is

what kind of mix (fuel/oil) are you using 40:1

how long does it put put before it dies first twist of gas bogs it out?

it put-puts for less than a minute maybe half a minute.

Since you cleaned the tank, have you made sure that fuel flows easily out of it? Yes it flows great now

When you cleaned the carb, did you make sure you could blow compressed air through your jet and your carb’s passageways?

Yup air blew clean through all holes and jet

Clean the points? I forgot I had cleaned the points too, that was the last task I did.

Clean out the exhaust and muffler? I know the muffler is nasty looking but how the heck do I clean that?

Re: Its just sad

most mufflers are easiest cleaned by baking. again being unaware of your bike - take out the baffle tube - easiest way to bake it out is to sit it in your bbq for 10-14 minutes (until the smoke stops ) - let it cool then just tap it against something and you will see lots of ash etc drop out .

while the exhaust is off make sure you clean out the prot and get any garbage out of it and reattach the muffler.

then take your air cleaner right off and give it a start see qhat happens .

just the start and die thing really sounds like no air to me or like it is flooding out. first i would try the air and of course just clean the exhaust as due diligence (but try the air filter removal right first )

also make sure your running the air/fuel mix accordingly and not flooding it out each time you start it.

i/m sure you cleaned out your carb just fine so i wont mention looking to see that the float is functioning

but try that and let us know

Re: Its just sad

Did you ever spray WD-40 into the points area?

If not, do. Then wipe off the actual point contacts.

This cured my 102.


I posted this before....

But here it is again for you. It worked like a charm on mine.


Re: I posted this before....

Yeah Deezy I did that...heck I even had that pic saved on my

Okay on the muffler thing I totally did not understand what to do. Im not good with fire and I cant find a replacement if I fuck this muffler up. I am not mechanically inclined at all so this is all greek to me. Im not understanding the whole air fuel thing either. Sorry but Im a retard sometimes.

Re: I posted this before....

If you can get that muffler off, from the engine, look into it from the front. If it looks like theres a bunch of carbon building up, then you better cook it. I really am not aware of the best way to do it without hurting the chrome. My whole exhaust is welded. I got it that way. Not to the motor, but it is from the small curved pipe, to the larger chamber.

--So, I don't know what it's really like in there. Cooking the whole thing's gonna be a chore, as it's so long. But maybe you still can if you have to. Look into the pipe from the front, as I said, and let me know how it looks. Is your gasket on your carburetor in good condition? Any air leaks and it'll run ill. Also check the pipe that attaches it to the engine. Look and see that it might not be loose, or leaking air.

I'm trying to get outa here and ride a little, so I may be back a bit later.


Re: I posted this before....

Oh, and you could barely hurt that muffler. The worst would be discoloration.


Re: I posted this before....

Just don't melt it. I think if it starts turning orange, you're ok, but more than that and it's too hot. I'm not sure of the coloration, I think there is an article on here that talk about it. Use some nice big grippy pliers/wrench with some hand protection.

Towelie says: always bring a towel.

Re: I posted this before....

Good suggestions!

It'd be hard to melt it, but keep an eye on it.

I'm finally able to leave, So I'm out ahere for awhile.


Sorry, I had to get excited. I've gone a few summers without any moped running. Always keep a look-out for a spare. (cheap spare!) Hope you handle it fine. If you DO cook it, maybe let the neighbors know that it's okay, you're place isn't on fire, 'cause it'll smoke a bit.

If you had it running and could cruise on out to a camping spot to do it, it'd be premium. Maybe just _car_ it there.


Re: I posted this before....


First off, I have about 5 years experience working on Peugeots. They are NOTORIOUS for their ignition system. Even when they seem to work they will often only run for about 10 minutes before having ignition failure. This ignition failure is closely associated with the condensor which overheats burried down beneath the stator. This is why the WD-40 works; it creates a sort of "heat-sink" effect. Other methods I have seen and heard of are actually applying a true heat sink gel intended for computer components to the condensor as well as taking the condensor out of the ignition area and mounting it externally where it can benefit from increased air circulation.

These are all methods for dealing with the symptoms, however, you may still need to make sure you have dealt with the problem. Thus, you should check all of your electrical connections and bulbs to make sure they are correct and in good shape. I am also very interested in knowing EXACTLY what bulb you have in your tail/stoplight. I have a theory going right now that the condensor failure is related to people using an incorrect tail/stop light bulb except that I have no way to test that theory since I have chucked my original ignition system all together and installed a CDI unit that I bought in France from a Peugeot parts house (also a good way to go if you can get your hands on one. I may be able to help out with that. I'm looking into perhaps connecting with the place I bought mine and seeing if I can start getting them over here)

Lastly, if it was underpowered and would only idle, chances are your timing is a bit off anyways, perhaps from a previous owners attempts to deal with the condensor.

Can't think of what else to add right now but let me know if any of these things works or helps and if they don't, I'll still try to see about getting some more CDIs here.

Re: I posted this before....

You get those CDI's here, and I'll buy 3!

Re: I posted this before....

Ben Van Zoest /

Hey did you try with the choke closed?

Re: I posted this before....

damn, you must have the cleanest crab in all of oklahoma. Good luck with the ped.

Re: I posted this before....

I'm having a hard time finding the MVT Millenium that I bought for my moped but there is a different electronic ignition that seems to be more in use now. I'll attach the pic of it. I still have a couple of different routes to check out but if I can get my hands on some, the people here will be first to know!

Re: I posted this before....


I likes that!

Do you need different types for different models?

I have a 102, a 103 and an Angel.

The 102 runs, but the other's have lost there will to spark.


Re: I posted this before....

I'm not so sure about this model. With the MVT you needed different models for different engines because the backing plates are different from a 102 to a 103 and it only included the stator plate, flywheel and CDI brain. This one looks like it may include the backing plate so it might not be an issue since the crankshaft ends are the same from model to model.

Re: Its just sad

How does that exhaust look?

Re: Its just sad

what kind do you have? what are the symptoms? Tell me mor tell me more? did you get very far?

Re: Its just sad

Cleats Onionpockets /

"what kind do you have? what are the symptoms? Tell me mor tell me more? did you get very far?"

Kevin, read the post. he described the symptoms and the bike already

Re: Its just sad


Re: Its just sad

Hmmm, nobody mentioned reeds yet, or does this engine not use them? I once had a yamaha338 snomobile that didn't for what ever reason. if it's got them take them apart and flip the reeds over. I would have to guess that you're running too lean if it dies when throttle applies, perhaps your idle jet is working and your high speed isn't. Does it have a mixture adjustment screw? Jeez my old PA50 when I first bought it took me a year to figure out, it had spark air fuel and compression, it was just so fussy. the other sugestion i guess would be to check the plug after it dies out. Is it wet or dry or what?

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