Garelli - Project Moped - Help with the clutch?

I just got a 1972 Garelli Eureka Flex. Its not close to working yet. Here are the problems it has:

Possible Clutch problem

Clutch cable rigged up

Needs a spark plug / plug cap

Needs a kill switch

lots of rust

I'm not new to fixing up mopeds, but most of the work I've done is with the carb on my Puch Maxi. It looks like the main problem for this ped is the clutch.

I was told this by the owner previous owner:

"When I first got it I tried pushing the lever and it wouldn't enage. So I drained the oil and opened it up and found A LOT of rubber pieces all over. If you look closely at those circle you'll notice there is something rubber . I saw the and assumed the rest of the clutch destroyed, but I didn't takmissinge the clutch off, so I didn't look at the rubber body."

I know that the clutch on the Garellis have a rubber part that often get blown out. When I took the clutch apart I expected to see it torn to pieces, but it looked like the main piece was intact. I put everything back together and tried to engage the clutch. It does engage, but only when I pull the clutch lever really far.

Here are my questions for now:

1. Should the clutch engage when the starter lever is pulled slightly?

2. What should I replace if my clutch is blown? Just the rubber body?

3. Where could I get the rubber body for cheap? (themopedjunkyard has one for $50)

Sorry for the n00b questions, but I'm trying to learn a lot by fixing this ped.

I've used for diagrams for the clutch.


Re: Garelli - Project Moped - Help with the clutch

garelli clutches are a bitch. plain and simple, the rubber part is not worth $50 though. ask for that on the buy/sell forum, i found a good one a couple months ago, i'll look through my emails and try and find who i got it from.

good luck,


Re: Garelli - Project Moped - Help with the clutch

Thanks for the response. Please let me know if you figure out where you got your part from.


How do I know for sure that the rubber piece I have needs to be replaced. It looks fine, not really torn up. It does engage if I pull the start lever really hard. Should it engage when the lever is only slightly pulled?

Thanks again


Re: Garelli - Project Moped - Help with the clutch

you should be able to adjust that either at the handle or at the clutch arm, there should be a little screw thing. i have mine set so i have to pull it all the way in, that way i wont wear it out by pressing the rubber too hard against the disc when starting it up. and when it does wear out a little, i'll adjust it tighter and get some more life out of it


Re: Garelli - Project Moped - Help with the clutch

Chad's right. You only want it to put enough pressure on the start plate to allow the motor to kick over when you have the handle pulled in the whole way. It doesn't sound like you're out of adjustment by much if at all.

I can't see that all of the rubber pieces inside your casing were the bushing rings that align that start plate because they usually melt when there's an issue. I suppose if you clutch sat empty for a really long time they could have dried out and cracked apart.

Re: Garelli - Project Moped - Help with the clutch

Thanks guys. The clutch looks like its working for now. I've moved onto a few other things. I put on a chain, and bought a spark plug/ plug connection thingy.

After getting the clutch to engage, I've moved onto trying to get spark. I dont think I have everything needed to hook up the spark plug though. Looking at this diagram It looks like I'm missing the 'high tension coil'. Are these easy to come by?

Also, what type of lube/oil do I use on the clutch? Should I lube up the cylinder also? Right now it doesnt seem to like turning over, maybe because its so dry?

What should I being doing next......

Thanks for all your help

Re: Garelli - Project Moped - Help with the clutch

Also, If anyone has close up pictures of their Garelli engine I would love to see them!

Re: Garelli - Project Moped - Help with the clutch

I saw that moped listed on craig's list. good to see someone bought it. good luck!

Re: Garelli - Project Moped - Help with the clutch

The coil is not alway located on the frame as in that photo. It might be underneath the lower frame cover.

I always use full synthetic motor oil instead of the SAE 30 non-detergent that is called for.

You can find photos in the links to manuals here on one of my webpages:


Re: Garelli - Project Moped - Help with the clutch

Thanks Rob!

that site is awesome! I actually talked to the guy I bought it from (Faris, he posts on these boards a lot), and he has the coil. I'm going to pick it up this week.

Re: Garelli - Project Moped - Help with the clutch

No problem. You can use just about any donor CEV coil from other makes on a Garelli.

Re: Garelli - Project Moped - Help with the clutch

i always use non detergent, it's tough to find though. have you had any problems with the synthetic?

Re: Garelli - Project Moped - Help with the clutch

I've found that it slips smoother when using it on a 2-speed motors, and it does not make the rubeer parts overly plyable and a little swollen like Garellis usually get with Petroleum based oils.

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