Float adjustment?

Quick intro as this is my first post. I have been resurrecting a 1982 Jawa Supreme 2 for the last couple of weeks. I just want to say thanks to everyone on the board. Using the search in the repair forum and following all of the great advice and tips posted in the threads, I've been able to bring it out of it's 15 year coma and into running condition. No way I could have done it with out this site and all the great advice posted here..

Ok, I just re-removed the jikov carb and re-thoroughly cleaned it and re attached it. I also replaced the spark plug, and by god, the thing purred. After a couple of weeks of sputtering, and belching black smoke and fast idling, it litter aly purred when I cranked it over. It was beautiful...Sniff, sniff.

Sorry (wipes away tears), Ok, problem is it's leaking gas from the carb. When I first let the fuel back into the carb it flooded and leaked. I shook the bike around a bit to free up the float and it stopped leaking, I ran the bike, it ran really well, eventually stalled (I hadn't opened up the choke) but then it started to leak gas out of the little hole just 'below' the main air in take hole.

I assume the float is hanging up although I dont see why it would be. Also, I'm pretty sure the valve seats properly when it's closed. It wasnt doing this before I took it off the last time. I'm wondering if the float might be set to high, and that is what is causing the over flow. I'll take the carb apart (again) but I'm wondering if the float might be set to high and filling the carb with a little too much gas causing the over flow. Could that be the case or do you think it's just sticking/hung up somehow. Like I said, it did stop leaking before I started it. It's as clean as it could be. How can I tell if the level is correct? I'd like to make this the last time I take it off and put it back on for a while. At this point I think I could dismantle it and put it back together with my eyes closed.

Thanks, I'll try to keep posts shorter in the future.

Re: Float adjustment?

What? No love for the Jawa owner? Anyway, found it in the 210 shop manual.

Checking and adjusting fuel level in float chamber

"With the carburettor removed from the engine, remove the float chamber cover. Turn the carburettor so that the floats are directed upwards, check tha they move freely, etc.... Check also thier height which must reach the level of the venturi tube top edge. If not, bend arms...Floats adjusted in this way should maintain fuel at the correct level."

There's also something in there about building a jig. Lets hope the first bit works.

Re: Float adjustment?

Wait. Which one is the venturi tube? the big brass screw or the little one? :(

Re: Float adjustment?

venturi tube isnt either, it's the main tube in the carburetor with the slide and such. makes no sense

Re: Float adjustment?

I looked at the shop manual again and there was a diagram. They wanted you to line it up with the 'tube' that the main jet screws into, sort of. Either way, I made it look like the picture and it didn't leak... until I idled it for half an hour and then turned it off. Then it started flooding again. I just shut it off at the petcock.

I noticed little rust particles in the bottom of the bowl each time I took the thing apart (three or four times) so maybe the rust is hanging up the the float valve. I'll Trying to find a fuel filter.

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