Qt50j Ingniton Problem

Hello i recently got a 82 yamaha qt50j, it was handed down to me cause it had a wierd ignition problem of starting running decent for about 2-5 minutes then dying. I played with it taking apart just about everything.

Ive rebuilt the carb several times, new plug, new gel cell battery.

I pulled out my digital multimeter tested everything i could, the factory manual doesnt give to many spec's it just says to use a old skool yamaha made tester.

Now for my main question how many volts are you supposed to get out of the coil?i have a pick-up and get 900v to the spark plug. that is barely enough to get it to jump the minimum spark-plug gap. I tested the orange wire to coil from the rectifier i believe, which fluctuates a bit but still get 1.5v.

So does anyone have any idea's of things to check? i want to ride this puppy a little more than down hill for 45seconds :(


Re: Qt50j Ingniton Problem

new condenser maybe?

Re: Qt50j Ingniton Problem

You mentioned doing several carb cleanings; just to doublecheck, did you remove and clean the smaller jet behind the main jet? It has a VERY small hole in the jet that can easily clog and cause the symptoms you described.



Re: Qt50j Ingniton Problem

well i have taken the carb apart many times so far, i rechecked the small jet. It works fine. its more of a electrical problem. has anyone ever checked voltage to the coil (orange wire) if anyone could that be great cause i get less an a volt to the actual coil at "idle"

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