Dellorto Carb Sizing

Hi, Im planning on replacing my 1976 Motobecane Cady's stock Gurtner BRevete Carb. The Gurtners carb size is 215. Does anyone know which carb size would work. Im sure its the SHA model but Im not sure which the other numbers mean.

Re: Dellorto Carb Sizing

Jason Luther /

sha 9/14 or sha 12/14 the first number is the diameter at the intake of the carb and the second is the diameter at the back of the carb

Re: Dellorto Carb Sizing

Well, I think they are usaully reversed, such as SHA14/12, and the bigger number indicates the intake manifld diameter (14) and the smaller number indicates the choke plate diameter (12) which is at the back of the carb if it is choked. What I want to know is what the letter after that designation means, ex. SHA14/12P or SHA14/12M. Good luck!

Re: Dellorto Carb Sizing

Those are for specific application setups, like the P on tomos weird choke lever.

See the guide int he wiki on Converting from stock Gurtner AR carburetor to a Dellorto SHA carburetor

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