1979 Honda Pa 50 minor problem

Ok first off i dont know much about engines, jus what they are and a few of the parts thats all im trying to learn as much as i can,

I jus resently bought a 1979 Honda Pa 50 for $400 mostly for a toy and little bit of transportation. I love it . it runs great for the most part . The guy i bought it off had his father inlaw clean the carb and stuff before i got it , when i first went to pick it up it wasnt starting to easy, so he changed the spark plug and now it starts like a dream jus have to peddle like 2 times and pop she starts right up.

My minor problem is the first time i rode it work witch is like 11 kms from my house a fair distance, getting to work was no problem mostly down hill get some good speed gets up to 30mph on a stretch . I cruise at like 23 mph jus over. Now my problem getting home i get like 3/4 of the way home and she starts to bog down the engine starts cutting out mostly when i get to a light or stop sign. I peddle like mad and it kicks back in , the one day i made it like 2 blocks and i had to peddle the rest home , and yesturday i made it all the way home but i had to restart like 3 times and it was cutting out counstanly , like running cut out coast for a sec run again cut out coast for a sec . for like 3 blocks.

Here are my thoughts.

Thought it may be gas both times there was like a 1/4 tank and when i topped it up it started back up, is it mabee not using the bottom portion of the tank, tryed putting the lever to resereve witch is the up postion (thats what this guy had writting on the body next to the lever) still did it.

Read something about "4 stroking" ? would this cause my problem mabee the hills cause it to do this . im starting to get a feel for the sound of the engine it mostley runs with the put put put , but sometimes its like the high pitched reeeeeeeeee, and it speeds up alot but then almost wants to die if it runs like that to long.

sorry so long here jus wanted to give as much info as i can. so it does run great other wise like for jus booting around my nabourhood and stuff. any thoughts would be great. i know about the 2 screws for fuel and idle jus not witch is witch and when and how to adjust them im trying to get as much info as i can and any help would be great.....

Scott Thomson

Re: 1979 Honda Pa 50 minor problem

Go to mopedriders.org and download the repair manual that is in the repair section.

Have you taken the petcock out of the tank and cleaned the screens on it? Have you cleaned the screen inside the petcock? It is the round aluminum part under the off/on/reserve lever.

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