gas leaking outta the carb

Its a motobecane 7 with the stock carb - its not leaking outta the bowl or banjo - it s coming outta what i think is an overflow port for the bowl?? - it leaks when the bike is upright and the carb is mounted properly... WTF??

Re: gas leaking outta the carb

Ben Van Zoest /

ya float is stuck down, bounce the ped a bit maybe restores the closed position.

Re: gas leaking outta the carb

Nor Cal Mopeds /

I would adjust your float level

Re: gas leaking outta the carb

Leon Swarmer /

Check an make sure the float is operating the needle valve. Take it out and see if there is a bit of gunk preventing it from closing. You can test it with the bowl off and fuel going to the valve. it should stop the fuel if you hold it up.

Don't try this indoors or while playing with fire, too.


Re: gas leaking outta the carb

okay - i tried this again yesterday - i opened up the bowl and push the needle manually and blew into the banjo and it sealed?? - now... maybe i have the float upside down??... i'll check it today...

Re: gas leaking outta the carb

how do you adjust the float level?

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