need help in grand rapids MI

I've got me a Moby 50v that needs massive amounts of work... I'm looking to get it all done in november (as i'll be away for a while) so i can ride next spring and forever after that. I am in need of assistance because i don't know shit about mechanics ( as in, all of the schematics and tools in the world won't help me) i'm wondering if anybody near the GR area would be able to help me get this thing running. i basically need someone to look at it and tell me what i need so i can buy all of it, and then i'll also need help putting it all on there and making it work. this is going to be a major project as it might need almost everything (it's been rusting away in this dudes garage for like seventeen years). Plus, it's been parted out so alot of the stuff isn't even there at all. anybody out there that might be able to help out?

- M.

Re: need help in grand rapids MI

sounds like WAY too much work. Does the motor even turn, or is it locked up? Can you tell if your wiring is rotted/rusted/cut?

Re: need help in grand rapids MI

and can you put up a picture?

Re: need help in grand rapids MI

I have a parts bike I could sell you, and i live in GR. send me and email

Re: need help in grand rapids MI

sorry, didn't look at your profile pic. That thing actually looks like a pretty easy project. Doesn't look too rusty at all.Well worth fixing.

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