Cady Choke? / Signal Lights? / Horn


I just picked up a Cady moped and got it running. The brakes don't work but that's not too hard to fix on my own. I believe on the right handlebar is the choke? It doesn't seem to do anything on my moped. Can anyone confirm that's where it's located and if they have problems with it?

Has anyone rigged up a cady with signal lights, or know of a website explaining how to add aftermarked signals to a moped and where/what parts to use.

Finally, my horn doesn't seem to work. Again, any ideas?

Other than small things, it runs like a dream. As soon as it's back from the brake repairs (tomorrow) I'm going to be running it to work and back!


Re: Cady Choke? / Signal Lights? / Horn

Hey Greg, Im working on a '76 Cady and still haven't got the thing running. How fast do they go 20, 25 or 30 mph? The lever on the right size is decompression, and the lever on the left is choke. Choke wll only really help for cold weather starting. Just wondering, does you Cady have a stock or aftermarket Carb?

Re: Cady Choke? / Signal Lights? / Horn

Greg Burbidge /

Hi Steve,

Mine has the stock Carb. I think it only goes 25 tops, but whoever sold it to me had cut the odomoter/speedomoter so until I get the new wire in this weekend I won't really know. My choke doesn't seem to do anything at all, I don't think it's installed in any meaningful way. Which means I have to pedal like crazy for about 2 blocks before it takes off for me.

Are you looking for a carb? I am getting a 64 cady tonight for $100 for parts. Not sure if it will have any of the parts you're looking for.

I took my cady (not running, just the way I bought it) to a lawn mower repair shop and they loved working on it. It took them two weeks, but I think it took them about three days and then they just rode it the rest of the time. I just got the brakes fixed this morning, as for the past week I've had no brakes at all. I have it plated too, so now it's street legal in Saskatchewan!

Where is your cady located?


Re: Cady Choke? / Signal Lights? / Horn

My CAdy is located in Ontario, Hamilton area. Thanks for the offer on the carb possibly, but I think Im gonna go with an aftermarket dellorto. I think I know what you mean by the choke. I looked at mine and there no choke slide or anything. Its pretty much just a wire with a metal stopper on the end so you don;t pull it through the carb. Fortunately, on an aftermarket carb, the choke lever is integrated s o you dont have to worry about wiring your choke, to the carb. thanks for the reply.

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