Urban Express headlight issue

I am having an ongoing issue with the headlight on my 1983 Honda Urban Express. The light was not functioning when I got it. I placed a new light in & it lasted maybe 20 seconds & went out. The bulb still appears fine. Another issue is that the battery drains rapidly. Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Ryan Meyers

Re: Urban Express headlight issue

Maybe a fuse issue or battery issue. Maybe someone who knows more about electronics can help you.


Re: Urban Express headlight issue

the battery actually regulates voltage and keeps it at 6V, without a battery voltage right off the magneto can hit 30V. There should be an inline fuse right next to the battery, if this is burnt up that is why the headlight burned up too. it shouldnt matter if your battery drains frequently, as long as you have one installed it will just charge every time you run the bike and still act as a voltage regulator. Do you ever turn the key switch off? I leave mine on all the time, and the battery runs dead like daily, but still charges right up when you run it. do a search on the repair forum, I put a great pic and info about how to use an automotive bulb into the headlight rather than buying a new bulb everytime, otherwise theres a bulb that allows you to just change the small bulb if it burns out.

Re: Urban Express headlight issue

Great stuff! Thanks for the help

Re: Urban Express headlight issue

I actually have an 82 Urban Express and went through the exact same problem. I eventually heard about the voltage regulating qualities of a good battery. At that point in time I had already gone through 2 $40 batteries, but still thought the battery was fine seeing as though I still had blinkers, brake lights and the horn. I was wrong. I just picked up a new battery ($18) and have ordered the replacement headlight. (I'll have to read that thread on how to make it just a replacement bulb) I hadn't heard anything about this in-line fuse and haven't seen one on the bike. I'm assuming an inline fuse would solve the blown headlight problem regardless of output from the battery, as long as the fuse is between the battery and headlight?

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