94 Tomos Targa Choke Prob.

ok, so now I know that giving the throttle a good twist will unlock the choke, my problem is that the thing won't run once I unlock it. It takes off with me on it, but quickly stalls out. With the choke locked down it doesnt have enough power to even move with me on it. Right now I have a bungee cord wrapped around the frame, and hooked onto the choke lever pulling it up just a bit (while it's locked) which gives it enough power for me to ride it, goes about 20-30mph flat ground. What's the problem? Can anyone help me out here?

Re: 94 Tomos Targa Choke Prob.

just a bump, hoping to find something out

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okay so let me see if i read this right and am ot misunderstanding:

choke on starts but dies

choke off - stalls out

choke locked but lifted with bungee runs almost normal

my guess is:

the choke reduces the air enterring the carb so you get a higher fuel mix

so it sounds like you are not getting enough fuel when the choke is completly off.

so the first step would be to take the carb off and give it a good cleaning - sounds like maybe your jet is clogged

i would guess that after it stalls out with the choke off you twist a couple times on the throttle and all it starts and then does the same thing again...

let me know how it goes

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Ok, actually I figured out the problem. Silly me, it was a lose nut holding the choke lever on, I didn't realize that once locked the lever should not be able to go down any further, and it was, problem was a worn split washer, replaced the washer, problem solved. Though I think I need to get a new lever, since the hole is getting worn and the lever is slipping, probably my fault, tying it up with a bungee cord. Anyone know where online I can find replacement parts for the choke Thanks for the help.

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just give it throttle after you unlock the choke. let it warm up a bit and get running strong before you get on.

Re: 94 Tomos Targa Choke Prob.


Re: 94 Tomos Targa Choke Prob.

A worn lever is pretty common, glad you found the issue.


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