Tomos A3 swapable parts

I have a 7p Tomos Bullet, which I would like to repair a few parts on. My first concern is the Lighting system. Would any 12v System work? I have a taillight assembly taht has a 10w and a 5w bulb for the tail/brake lights. I would like to do an LED conversion on this, as from what I have read on here, it will swap right out. I would then like to set up a turn signal system. I also need a new headlight, which I was also wondering if any 12v bucket assembly would work? Again, possibly a LED bulb in it.

And finally, I would like to replace the handlebar assembly with something more modern. The huge square box on there now is really combersome, and not practical for turn signal use. There is a motocycle salvage yard near me taht would have tons of handlebar assemblys, with throttles, kill switches, horn lighting.... assemblys. Is is possiblt to attatch one of those on there, if it is a 12v. I realize there may be some problems with the throttle cable and such.

But I just want some opinions on total Electrical system redos and handlebar/switch conversion.

Re: Tomos A3 swapable parts

I belive your bike is 6v so I would keep that in mind.


Re: Tomos A3 swapable parts

Well that is very good to know, thank you.

Re: Tomos A3 swapable parts

I think its 12v. My tomos A3 is 12v.

Again check out

They are often outrageously priced but... where else are you going to go?

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