Boyesen Reed #716 for Honda Express WRONG???

I bought a performance reed kit for my 77 honda express, because that is the one that EVERYONE ON THIS FORUM TOLD ME TO BUY...

So its here and I don't think its the correct one unless I'm supposed to modify the brand new parts!?!?

The screw holes dont line up, I'd have to cut into the new parts, and compared to how much coverage the stock pedal has the new pedals would barely come to the bottom of the opening, if not lay right on the edge, possibly not reaching fully.

If anyone has any advice please let me know, Boyesen thought there might be another part that might fit...???

OR if anyone wants to buy a brand new in the package Boyesen reed kit let me know $28 to your door! I paid over that!!!


Re: Boyesen Reed #716 for Honda Express WRONG???


Call Boyesen have them exchange the part for the

correct part or get your money back. There has to be

a parts guru there who knows their stuff there. This is

a bummer as far as I'm concerned. Depending on your

success I was going to try this also. Don't give up just yet.


Re: Boyesen Reed #716 for Honda Express WRONG???

right now I am waiting for boyesen to let me know if they have something that will work or not. I sent them that exact same picture as I posted above, so within a day or 2 they should send me something. The only downside is that they charged me $9 shipping for something that should have costed $2 tops! and they wont refund that. o well, lesson learned. when I figure it all out I will post it so others can use this information to upgrade vs. not upgrade.

Re: Boyesen Reed #716 for Honda Express WRONG???

ANYONE?!!?! you guys told me to buy this one!!!! anyone?????

Re: Boyesen Reed #716 for Honda Express WRONG???


Re: Boyesen Reed #716 for Honda Express WRONG???

No one knows that's why no one is answering. Maybe you are the first to try it. If you got this information from someone on here (you keep saying "you guys" like we are all responsible for this), then email them and ask them to look at this thread. Maybe they haven't seen it.

Re: Boyesen Reed #716 for Honda Express WRONG???


Check this thread - this might be where the 716 info originated from.

I also went out to the Boyesen site and there are several

716 listed there. Boysen might consider posting more information on their web page about which bikes take what parts.

They list the parts and do not have pictures or anything else.

This really adds to the confusion for all of us.

My 1977 used express muffler arrived yesterday and it

weighed several pounds. I think it was full of oil and carbon. I'm going to cut it open and see what happened in there and post a picture.

Information that is wrong makes us all suffer.


Re: Boyesen Reed #716 for Honda Express WRONG???

Brian, last week when I was at my cabin I took one of my mufflers and put it in our campfire. Man what a difference! there was so much carbon and whatnot that flames actually came out the ends of the muffler! I just left it in til each one side would get red hot and then flipped it over. afterward I knocked it against a tree a couple of times and squirted water through it, and I even blew through it just to double check. What a difference! clothes hanger wire seems to work to poke out any crap too. but hey if you are just going to chop it up then you will probably be removing all of the clogged pipes so no worries there! We'll have to see who gets theirs done first! cant wait for your pictures.

Boyesen should definiltey have more info on their site, they have like 20 different motors that the same reed is supposed to work for but with no pictures! I'm sure something will work out. and when i find out I will post it so that we have some accurate stuff here!

oh and if you want to try something fun... put some ear plugs in, and run your bike without a muffler! its SUPER LOUD! I dunno if it adds more power or not, might have too little back pressure, but its kinda fun.

my next project after the muffler is going to be my rear fender, for some reason the bike didnt have one when i bought it, so I bought a fender that came with like 3 brackets and a bunch of parts on e bay, and its actually a front fender so I'm going to have to make something up to fit it on correctly, but without it water and dirt just sprays everywhere, just one of those things you never realize how important it is til its gone.

Re: Boyesen Reed #716 for Honda Express WRONG???

boyesen says they do not sell a reed that will fit, the offered to make me one if i send them the dimensions of mine.

Re: Boyesen Reed #716 for Honda Express WRONG???


---- Heading to work ----

The new rings I installed must be getting comfortable because I saw 29.5 in the flats

going to work this morning.

---- Heading home ----

I was riding home from work tonight and then a new engine noise developed

when I hit the uneven bumps and uneven pavement ? At the first spot I jumped

off the bike and tightened up the muffler bolts for the exhaust pipe where it

connects to the jug. I've started carrying a few tools for simple fixes like this. The noise was still there and I made it home ok. I'm glad I did because pushing a bike home is not my idea of a good time. At home I found the bolt that holds the muffler to the engine case had worked lose and this stressed and busted the end of the exhaust pipe where it goes into the jug. This is one bolt I never imagined could fall out and cause trouble.

--- My timing must be way off -----

Last night I cut into the oil logged muffler I bought off e-bay. It currently has a big rectangular hole in it. If I had waited I could have bolted it on and ridden my bike to work tomorrow ! now I have to take the bus ! The muffler off e-bay also had a hole where the back wheel nut rubbed thru it ? Now with two mufflers kicking around in the shop I have an opportunity to create one that works from the parts of both of them this week end. I'll probably end up at a local muffler shop for some welding help.

I think you will finish your muffler before I can finish mine with this current set back !

If you had an extra reed valve assembly kicking around I would send them the actual part so they could make it exactly. I guess the idea is to have two reeds each with different thicknesses ? This is out side my scope of experience and knowlegge base.


Re: Boyesen Reed #716 for Honda Express WRONG???

I used Hawks idea and tossed the oil logged muffler into a fire pit.

It smoked and flames shot out the ends, then I was ble to clean out

the carbon. I used JB weld and steel wool mixed together and glued it all back together with pipe clamps. JB weld is magic stuff. I did discover one problem with the muffler that is an easy fix. If you install the muffler and do not hang it off the engine case you will see the problem. The engine case bolt that holds up the muffler up stresses out the front pipe flange because it is not in the correct place. To fix this problem I changed the dimensions of the hole on the muffler by opening it up towards the top. After two days of bus rides its worth the effort getting the repairs done the getting back out into the open air again.


Re: Boyesen Reed #716 for Honda Express WRONG???

I had a similar problem with that exhaust bolt... they kept falling out. lock washers are huge, i probably way over tightened it, but it seems to work now. i have put .2 miles on my moped in the last month or more... i better get r done soon dammit! well i guess i did ride the ones at the cabin, i tell ya what dirt roads are tough on these things.

Re: Boyesen Reed #716 for Honda Express WRONG???

Lock washers are the solution that's for sure with the exhaust bolt, thats what I ended up using. The muffler I purchased off ebay was completely oil slugged it must have weighed 5 pounds. After I cooked it it weighed maybe one or two pounds. It was a mess that's for sure. After riding the bike awhile a person begins to notice things. This is probably true with any type of transportation. With the NC50 express I kept seeing oil dripping out of the flange where the exhaust port goes into the jug. Its because the muffler attatchement it is not quite a perfect fit. The engine case bolt hole on the muffler is way off. I have a 1977 motor and it also had a ton of oil caked up in the same area. Try installing the muffler with out the engine case bolt and you will see what the issue is. Try installing the engine case bolt after tightening up the muffler attatchment under the jug.

Hawk do you want to experiment with a boost bottle ?

No charge to you just send me your address at my email and I toss it into the mail next week.

No charge to you, I just can not make it work maybe you can.


Re: Boyesen Reed #716 for Honda Express WRONG???

Right now I'm afriad I just dont have time for more experiments! Hold onto it though! My GM program starts tomorrow, so thats gonna eat up a bit of my time. If my welder doesnt show up soon I am going to go about other means to have it welded.

This oil dripping problem is pretty consistent with all 3 of my bikes. Even my snowmobile drips oil out of the exhaust flanges. Im guessing that what is dripping out is the unburned fuel and oil. It is weird how the exhausts on the hondas dont connect properly, one of mine is so bad that some noise and fumes actually leak out of the bad connection. the other 2 are good enough so that only oil leaks (drips) out. I usually try to tighten the 2 bolts pretty tight, but busting one off would cause a whole new problem. Lucky for me I have an extra jug laying around, who knows when that will come in handy. I have seen exhaust gaskets for sale, but havent seen a picture ( go figure) so I am hesitant to buy, and who knows if that would really help anyway. i did notice that if you take the header flange and flip it over (turn it 180 degrees) and bolt it on, sometimes you get a better fit on one side vs the other. i really gotta get mine put back together so I can ride it around town here, summer is coming to a close and I dont want to miss out. fortunately in the meantime my car gets 22+mpg at the worst. sometimes when i really ride the hondas hard they will suck gas pretty bad, i bet that a bike that is new now like the new yamahas get much better fuel economy and more power, but for a cost of probably over $1000.

BTW if anyone else wants to buy a boyesen reed part 716 for a honda, let me know. dammit! haha i dont even know if its worth it to send it back

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