Cady issues

Now I have finished my Cady, I have found a few issues that are affecting the reliability of the bike. By the looks of it, the ped is running rich (carbon deposits on the plug). After looking into it, I found that switching to a hotter plug would help - is there any other suggestions? Also, it has a bit of a clutch chatter when I start the bike and at low rpm's, should I tighten or lossen the nut.....??????



Re: Cady issues

Behind the clutch flywheel, the clutch mechanism (pulley) is free (as in not fixed in any way to the shaft). In the pulley center, there is a springed circlip and two thrust washers that sandwich a special splined washer that fits into a groove which keeps the pulley at just the right distance to prevent binding/rubbing on the magneto cover nut. The two thrust washers are of different thicknesses and they need to be installed in the correct order. (I'm not sure which one goes where. I'll check ny manual today and leave a post later). If anyone has taken this clutch apart, it is fairly likely that this order was overlooked. You could always try it both ways (thin washer on bottom/thick on top...and in reverse). Also, when you take the clip and washers off, pull out the roller bearing and check to see that it is in good condition. When you put it all together and reinstall the flywheel, tighten the nut snug (not crazy tight).

Re: Cady issues

Washer B is the thinner of the two.


Re: Cady issues

Thank you very much, I think that was the most detailed description ever!! I printed the picture and I will take a look this evening.

Thanks again!

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