Just picked up this 1978 Vespa Grande with only 406 miles on it. It is in great shape, but I have a question or two about how to get it up and running.

First, I noticed a little knob just under and behind the seat post, you can twist it tight or loosen it... what does it do?? I was thinking is a air ventilation hole for the fuel tank...

Also, the fuel valve is entirely missing. Do guys know where I can buy a new one? I'm gonna try looking on and, my two go-to sites... but if you can help me that would be great too...

Next, if the carb needs to be cleaned (I'm gonna try to run the bike without cleaning the carb first, just in case there is no need...), how do I get to it? Do I remove the big bolt on the front/top of the engine that appears to support it? Kinda like dropping the engine on my Honda Hobbit?

Thanks in advance for your replies,




that's a bleeder valve to use when filling up...when it starts gurgling(gas coming out) close it!There's always a need to clean the carb if the ped has been stored up.Just so you'll know it's been done.remove the plastic covers to get to the carb,Take the carb out but don't take the big bolt out that holds the engine on.Just one nut at the carb but first remove the airbox loosen the nut and wiggle the carb to gently back it off the intake then disassemble, Make sure you empty the tank since you have no fuel valve.Use 50:1 clean mix.There's a bit more ...Take the banjo plug screw out and clean the little

basket looking screen too, It sits right on top of the carb.Make sure you get more info as it helps to approach it in an orderly fashion.My instructions aren't in 1 2 3 order.

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