new guy mistake

I'm wondering if i have, well, screwed my puch. I'm sure that's funnier to me than it is to all of you. While cleaning the fuel tank/petcock on my puch, I'm wondering if I destroyed the petcock. I pulled off the lever and took it apart to the point where I could see all 3 of the ports. There was a lot of gunk on the sliding part, so I took that and cleaned it all out, but then before a complete rational thought went through my head, I reached into the petcock and cleaned out all of the gunk around the three ports, to the point where I could see shiny metal underneath. I'm sure some of you see where this is going. Well, I put it back together, and now it leaks out of the bottom of the petcock. Did I mistakingly remove a gasket that I thought was old gas???

Re: new guy mistake

sounds like it, if you have a old poped bike tire you can cut a piece to fit and the rubber should work fine

Re: new guy mistake

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New petcocks are available. Jim

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