Puch throttle lag and stalling

I've been having a weird issue with my Newport, when the engine warms up, I get a throttle lag when I take off, like a second or so, and it seems to be losing a bit of power off the line, but then it takes off fine and runs well. Also, it stalls occasionally, not that often, but once in awhile.

The weird thing is, it only does it when the engine is warm. It starts up great and there's no throttle lag the first couple times I take off, but then it starts again after a few minutes when the engine is good and warm.


Re: Puch throttle lag and stalling

air leak?

Re: Puch throttle lag and stalling

Hmmm. So I would be looking for an air leak inside the carb and/or between the carb and cylinder?

Re: Puch throttle lag and stalling

Ben Van Zoest /

I would think impeded fuel flow, clogged somewhere between tank and jetting tube. Did you try a new fuel hose this would fix most air in fuel problems.

Re: Puch throttle lag and stalling

I think it's an air leak--the engine dies when I spray carb cleaner on the connection between the carb and intake.

Guess I'll go get some sealant...

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