tire replacement problem

so i need to replace my front tire and my rim i 2'' i have a tire that is 2 1/4'' can i use this or will it be a problem

Re: tire replacement problem

i think so, i dont think that it will sit correctly in the rim try it and see if anything bad happens but if you do put it on do go on a journy across country go slow so if something were to happen you dont die or worse crash your ped

Re: tire replacement problem

People put slightly wider tires on their rims all the time without trouble. 1/4" difference isn't too extreme, that's only 1/8" on a side. If you mount it on the rim, and it doesn't rub on your swingarm or fender or anything, then it's fine.

Re: tire replacement problem

I have 2.5's on my 2.25" rims without any problem. Just make sure it'll clear. Somebody here told me they had 3" fatties on their ped........

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