Removing Chock Cable from Carb

Im trying to remove my Gurtner Brevete Carb from my Motobecane Cady, and Everything is loose and the arb is almost free except the chock cable will not detach from the carb. The throttle slid out easily, but the choke cable will not budge. Is there a possibility it it jammed. Should i cut it loose? am I forgetting to remove a screw somewhere?

Re: Removing Chock Cable from Carb

This is the only funky part of this carb.

Note how the parts come off as you take apart the choke and cable.

It had me a bit stumped and I had to do about an hours searching for info in it.

Loosen the choke cable clamp at the handlebars and remove the cable from the lever and ultimately from the housing and carb.

Some carbs have the cable routed thru the bottom of the carb and some are routed thru the top.

It makes more sense to me to have it come down thru the top and it will work either way.

I hope this makes sense to you.


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