Puch Headlight Issue

On my '77 Puch/Penny Pinto, the headlight has been giving me trouble recently. I was driving it about 11 at night, and the headlamp crapped out entirely. Luckily, I was a stone's throw from my house, and before I turned into the garage, the light came back on.

The next day I took out the old bulb (6v, original bulb, in working condition) and replaced it with an Autozone bulb (12v, much brighter). Fired it up, works like a dream.

The headlight crapped out again soon after giving the same on-again-off-again problems. The strange thing about it is that I can't seem to find a catalyst!

any help would be lovely.


Re: Puch Headlight Issue

Loose connection? Bare wire grounding out somewhere?

Re: Puch Headlight Issue

Define "grounding out".

There's a bit of bare wire that I know of, but I'm not certian if it's on the same circuit or whatever as the headlight.

Re: Puch Headlight Issue

Ben Van Zoest /

Most likely a loose connection. Fix the 'bare' wire first.

Re: Puch Headlight Issue

Well, the bare wire is seemingly unimportant. It's the brown wire that grounds the electrical system, I think. It has the little metal holes at the end of the wire, and I put those on the screw used to hold the air filter in place. Those are the only bare wires I know of, and I'll check them, but it worked before and those have been bare for a while.

Re: Puch Headlight Issue

Hey, I figured it out. The front fork has been pinching a bundle of wires every time it makes a right-hand turn for a long time, and the brown one (the headlight) was the first to go. Electrical tape did the job.

thanks again

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