Sachs loosing power

I have a sachs wich seems to be loosing power as I ride. It will be running great, and then seem to loose power. I will try to start it back up when it is still rolling, but it wont. I will let it sit for a min or so and then it will start right back up and run fine, until it decides to start to loose power again. Any suggestions? It seems to feel like a gas problem, but there is plenty of gas and air, correctly mixed. Also, It did backfire on me one time while trying to start it after one of these "power outs" Is this a timing issue?

Thanks much.


Re: Sachs loosing power

check your timing, and you may want to clean out your petcock too.

Usually when I have a power loss on the sachs, and it just kind of winds down... I'm out of gas.

Re: Sachs loosing power


Thanks man. I was thinking it was a timing issue as well, due to the small backfire while trying to restart it. My second Sachs is getting so bad, once I started it and the rear wheel started to spin backward......damn crazy. When it comes to adjusting the timing, y9ou have any tips as to tell when I am in an acceptable range? I have the manual, but it doesn't say anything more than where to adjust it at, which is a relatively cloudy explination. Anyways.....I am open to any sugestions. Thanks.


Re: Sachs loosing power

....could it be an issue of too much oil in the gas, my plugs look great, but I seem to be spitting out much smoke out of the pipe.


Re: Sachs loosing power

Ben Van Zoest /

Yep, cut down on the oil for awhile and see what happens, loosin power means starving for fuel, sound more like a steady fuel delivery problem tho.

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