Shoes that squeal

Why do brake shoes and clutch shoes squeal?

In the past, I've sanded them and cleaned them and the drums with carb cleaner (it can't be that far off from brake cleaner). The squealing will stop for a while... but it always comes back.

I really want my Bravo clutch shoes to stop it. I had two days of non-squealing, and it was amazing. I want that back. Any ideas?


Re: Shoes that squeal

Squeaky shoes are glazed, worn, dirty or all of the above.

Sand em with medium coarse paper (realy rough em up) clean em, bake em (in the oven) clean em again.

Also sand and clean the drums.

Glazed shoes are a result of over heating and contamination (your wheel bearing seals are ok?)

They could be unevenlt worn causing them to grab funny and causing a harmonic vibration.


Re: Shoes that squeal

i know it happens in cars im not sure in mopeds but if you get new brake pads and you off the start slam on the brakes you will glaze them over and from then on they will make noise so if you get new shoes or have some when you start to brake do it lightly and then from there work you way up using more presure to brake them in

Re: Shoes that squeal

Carb cleaner isn't quite the same as brake cleaner. It can leave a bit of residue that you don't want on brake shoes.

Brakes that have been broken in too fast, as Fernando says, can develop little ridges that you don't even notice that set up a rapid vibration which results in squeal when the brakes are applied moderately (I bet the squeal goes away if you brake really hard). An easy fix, if the two shoes are identical, is to switch them. Now the ridges don't line up and there's no squeal.

Also, make sure the leading and following edges of the shoes are slightly beveled. Don't file away too much braking surface. A quarter inch is all you need.

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