Sachs Starter/Clutch/Decompression Cable

I have a Sachs 505/1A with a broken clutch cable. The cable has a funny end that goes into the engine and connects to the arm that presses on the clutch. Is there a source for these cables, or has someone come up with a way to rig something that works? I found new ones on moped junkyard but there like $20 bucks each. Do people just grind down knarps to make them the right shape? Thanks for any ideas.

Re: Sachs Starter/Clutch/Decompression Cable


Re: Sachs Starter/Clutch/Decompression Cable

Yo Nick,

Yes.... if you take a standard "generic" ended cable and take one of the longer style knarps from like a motobecane it will work. You will need to grind down one end to make it fit correctly, but it works awesome and will save you several bucks. Peace. Will

Make sure you get that knarp very if it comes undone you will have hella work to do to get it out.

Re: Sachs Starter/Clutch/Decompression Cable

I ran a bicycle brake cable for about a year in mine. I took out the clutch arm, put the large barrel end of the cable in and pinched the barrel into the arm without grinding anything. It moved enough to work and didn't break on me. I just threaded it back up the cable housing and that was it.

I only switched back to stock when I got another cable in a parts lot.

The knarp would also work, but then you have an adjuster on both ends of the cable, and loose bits don't play well with clutches.

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