Dellorto Carb Leaking

ok, so i looked at my carb thinking i'd need to clean it. it's clean...but it is leaking gas from the part that the fuel line connects into becase the threading on the part that holds the screw in is stripped. i saw some metal shavings as well which makes me think that the piston has been getting torn up a bit. any how, any idea on how to fix it? i need to ride to work on monday.

Re: Dellorto Carb Leaking

Arthur Wells /

re-thread the messed up threads?

I don't really know; just a suggestion.

Also, don't worry about getting to work on Monday.

WWIII is on the way! Go out and Play!

Re: Dellorto Carb Leaking

how do i rethread it?

Re: Dellorto Carb Leaking

I've had this problem before. Try picking up some o-rings to seal it with. It fixed my dellorto and I've been running with them for a year.

Or: pick up the part from moped warehouse... it is $5.

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