Sticky Speedo

No, I'm not talking about my bathing suit! (Me in a Speedo - I shudder at the mental image.)

My speedometer needle is sticking. It rises properly, but doesn't drop down like it should. Apparently, the needle, which has an upward curve, is touching the inside of the glass. I removed the whole speedometer and it seems that the bezel is crimped onto the housing, all the way around. Is there any way to take this beast apart without destroying it in the process?


Re: Sticky Speedo

John Joedicke /

No, break the glass out, reset the needle and use a nice fresh Trojan condom over the speedo head. lol

Re: Sticky Speedo

But then I can't tell if I'm coming or going. ;-)

Re: Sticky Speedo

If it's a Tomos it's a piece of shit. I had the dealer replace 2 and all they are good for is tracking mileage. I finally took the piece of shit right off.

Re: Sticky Speedo

It's a 1979 Batavus. It's a stock 30 mph model, so I don't really need it to keep within the speed limit, unless I'm in a school zone, and it does track mileage just fine. It's just that it bugs me when something isn't working right, especially when I'm often looking at it - habit, you know.

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