I think my puch overheated!

OK i have a 78 puch/sears free spirit with a polini 64cc kit.

I was riding for a few hours yesturday. I was going above thirty when my moded suddenly lost power while accelerating. I pulled over and stopped. My engine was still idling. Then i twisted the throttle a little and dead. Its dead now.

I parked in the shade and sat down and smoked a few cigaretes.

Then I noticed my spark plug was bearly screwed in. I screwed it back in and still nothing.

When I flood the engine a bit it starts for a second then dies.

So I think/hope it may be a sparkplug problem.

Re: I think my puch overheated!

Nevermind. I guess the engine expanded from heat and loosened the head. All four bolts were loose. And there was no compression.

Damn I guess I need a better head.

Re: I think my puch overheated!

i think you forgot to tighten everything down

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