Garelli overheating then death

I have a Garelli RS that has always run pretty well. The only issue I've had was the rubber clutch does not want to slip like it should after you come back down to an idle. So it wants to push a little when it's idling. Naturally, I need to goose the throttle to keep it from dying when stopped.

Now, the thing is only good for 2 starts off the line from a stop. It has no power unless you're reving. I can ride 35-ish all day w/o stopping, but once I do stop, it has no umpf to take off again.

I've got 140lbs of compression, no leaks, normal timing, a good plug, brakes aren't hung up, and the carb is clean. I've made no changes in the airblox recently either.

Who else?

Re: Garelli overheating then death

Cleats Onionpockets /

perhaps your clutch is too tight against the clutch drum> So it's always trying to engage? My puch is slow as hell off the line but will cruise at 35 all day too, once it hits it's powerband it pulls nice and hard. I thought this was just the way moped engines were...

Re: Garelli overheating then death

I'm in the process of tearing the clutch cover off today to find out.

Re: Garelli overheating then death

After dismantling that clutch, I found all of this thick black goey stuff in the drum. I think a serious overheating made some oily junk in there break down and melt around. Hopefully cleaning it all out will fix my problems.

Re: Garelli overheating then death

you're using non-detergent motor oil right? SAE30-ND otherwise it will dissolve your clutch

Re: Garelli overheating then death

Using other oils will not dissolve your clutch. ANY petroleum based oils seem to swell some Garelli clutch rubber after a while. I have acutally been using full synthetic oil in 4 different Garellis over the past 2 years with good success. This stuff is not supposed to over penetrate cork and rubber gaskets. I've even seen people use it in Puch and Tomos clutches that like it.

The deal with my clutch is strange. The engine got so hot, that the rubber washer rings in the starter plate melted and became the goey mess in the rest of the clutch. It was tough to clean. I made up new washer rings with clear fuel line. We'' see what happens.

Still after fixing the clutch, the bike seems to start running hot after 5 minutes. The sparkplug shows really lean, so I'm going to richen up the mixture to see what happens next. I have no idea why it just got lean and started running hot enough to cause problems all of a sudden.

Re: Garelli overheating then death


For some reason I haven't ascertained, those rings tend to dissolve(different material than the clutch rubber) but I have been able to reinstall without them without any trouble. It looks like the only purpose they serve is to keep the retaining clip in place...possible problem but one with only minor consequences.

I have a similar problem with my two speed right now - one that "feels" like debris caught in my clutch, between the rubbers.

The first thing I would do is replace the main clutch rubber. Sometimes they soften and distend under revolution, behaving more like a rubber band.

One more thing, try spitting on your engine after you turn it off. If liquid "jumps" off the engine, you are running way to hot. It should sizzle, but not skitter right off the fins. What carb and jet does that thing have?

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FIRE IN THE HOLE !!! just kidding make sure the outside of your mill is good and clean no buildup or gunk they like to be clean as a whistle sand any white corrosion off the fins and shit . Peaceup Dan

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Yes, all those rings do is align the start plate. The do not align the entire clutch band.

I've had some 2-speeds that act like yours, and I've had some that work well. Chris @ the MopedWarehouse jigged some of the pieces onto a lathe somehow and shaved them for higher revving results. It's like to try that myself.

I had this problematic ped out this morning again after reinstalling an original airbox. It will just barely begin 4-stroking on the top end, so it can't be too lean any more. Once warmed up, it's still lacking power at take off. My spit sizzles on the head now, but I'm sure it was hotter before.

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I am in the process of shaving & sanding down the clutch rubber with some specs that Chris from the MopedWarehouse explained to me. I will post results in a week or so.

Re: Garelli overheating then death

Jason Luther /

nice thread

Re: Garelli overheating then death

I have not gotten around to shaving down a clutch band, but I have found my problem that spawned this thread. My engine has bad seals, so it's not drafting enough fuel. It was getting leaner and hotter until I finally put a bigger jet in the carb. It was also would not not stay running unless I really tightened up the idle screw. It runs better now, but new seals will fix the problem correctly.

Re: Garelli overheating then death

I've sanded down a first gear clutch band from a 2-speed VIP motor that was grabbing alot. I've reinstalled it and it worked!

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