Headlight/odometer problems

Greeting Moped enthusiasts,

I have recently acquired a 1982 Motobecane Moby. I would like help in fixing two separate problems I am having.

The first: while the headlight works, it is very faint and the light on the speedometer/odometer has never worked. I can see two wires connected to this, which I assume gives it power, as well as a central attachment, which I believe is what counts the miles/mph, which leads me to my second problem.

Yesterday while riding, the central connection to the speedometer came off and was dragging along the ground for awhile until I noticed it. I tried to reconnect it but could not get it to screw back on, probably just the angle at which I was trying to do it, but I think there should be some cord or piece between the cord and the connection, which may have fallen out while it was dragging. The odometer and speedometer no longer work with the cord off, whereas they were working before.

If anyone has any information about these problems I would be very grateful for your help. Thanks very much and I look forward to becoming an active member with the moped community,


Re: Headlight/odometer problems

See Ya Moped Army /

The speedo bulbs are burned out and you lost the speedo cable.

Re: Headlight/odometer problems

Would that have an effect on the headlight? Also, where can I get a new cable? The cable is there, just there isn't anything that would bridge between the cable and the speedometer, if there should be. Thanks for your help.

Re: Headlight/odometer problems

See Ya Moped Army /

The lighting coil under the flywheel might be on it's way out. What you have is the outer casing of the speedo cable. The cable itself is what is missing, Chris at Moped Warehouse should have everything you need.

Re: Headlight/odometer problems

Motobecane Master /

This is a serious bump but I'm taking another look at this moped for my brother. Fixing the spedo cable is a cakewalk but I have a question about the headlight problem.

The coil under the gas tank is something that the previous owner put together himself after its original was shot. Would that affect the brightness of the headlight? If so would simply replacing what he's put on with a stock one fix the headlight's dimness?

Also, would that affect the bulbs in the spedometer? Does he need a whole new spedometer or can bulbs be bought for that.

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