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So my honda express 78 runs great about 10 percent of the time, if it starts. i've replaced the plug, cleaned the carb, cleaned the air filter, cleaned the exhaust, and checked the compression, what is left to do. i really don't think it could be the piston because every so often it runs great. any help is appreciated.

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How many miles are on the bike ?

More information about the plug is needed ?

Did you make any changes to the carb air and

throttle screw ?

What type of two stroke oil are you using ?

Have you cleaned the fuel and oil filter screens

that are up in the fuel tank ?

The condition of the battery ? fluids ect ?


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here we go again, tag-teaming these threads!

yebides- all you need is an inline fuel filter and a couple hose clamps to hold it in place!!! you are probably getting crap from the gas tank into the carb and its clogging, you clean it, but then more crap clogs! i had the same problem!!! the filter was like 3 bucks and its weelllllllllllllll worth it!!!!! these carbs are SUPER flaky, be nice. haha

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Your right about the carb, it has taken me days of fussing to get it back to working right. It takes very little junk to clog it up. The express is intersting because it expects perfection and balance.


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thanks for the help, getting to the internet is difficult, i have to find a free computer at school. i bought an inline fuel filter and will install it later. the bike has about 550 miles on it, i don't know if this is very acurate though, it's almost thirty years old. and yes i did touch the air intake screw before i did my research, i think i reset it to the previous setting. the battery is fairly new, within a year. i use a generic two stroke brand from wal-mart. thanks for any input. i'm an amature at best and learning fast, but i still need plenty of guidance.

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thanks for the help everyone, it's running great now. i really appreciate it.

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