bosch flywheel puller

I bought a flywheel puller (18mm) on ebay that was advertised to fit all Bosch flywheels. Of course when I got it, it came no where near fitting. The seller (Handy Bikes Columbus Ohio )doesn't seem to have time to answer my email. What size and thread is the correct puller??


Re: bosch flywheel puller

Don't email handybikes, you should call them and ask for BJ. Its possible you got a cev puller or something like that. I've seen 22mm bosch pullers and pullers labled "large bosch puller" that are 26mm. So Its possible that there are more than one size bosch puller.


Re: bosch flywheel puller

I bought one from HandyBikes too via EBay, it didn't fit, do call BJ and talk to him, he got me the right one, I won't buy tools on Ebay for Mopeds anymore.

I tried it on my both my Sachs and Puch and it works great.

Oh yes, have your flywheel number handy, he will need it. Its stamped on flywheel.

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