Wont Run

Ok i just purchased a Puch Moped... i have a few questions from it and there more than likely really stupid ones but i am new with this so plz bare with me...

First one is were do i look to find the model and all that info?

2nd is the more important one... we were riding it then it just stopped running... and know when u pedal it with the clutch handle in it sounds like it is running the headlight turns on but then when u let go it just stops... any ideas... PLZ help

Re: Wont Run

also i checked the spark plug and that was covered in black gunk so i wiped it off and tried again and got same thing.... and i checked it is getting gas....

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Spend the three dollars and get some new plugs. Black gunk on a plug is not good. When you bought it, was it advertised as running? If not, then you can't expect to just get on a machine that's been sitting for 15 years and expect it to run. Take the carb off and clean it out. Clean out the exhaust and exhaust port. Put in a new plug and give it a go. Do you have spark? Posting a picture would be the easiest way to tell you what you have.

Re: Wont Run

nice it runs now... just it doesnt go very fast and dies right when i get off throatal so that is the ideal screw right? and dose this need mixed gas?

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Jeepers creepers!! What are you doing? Why would you run it without knowing what is supposed to go in it? You need a 50:1 ratio of gas to two-stroke oil. Not to be a jerk, but there are several sources of information on the internet and this site in particular that relate to your moped if you would just search for them. Don't ruin your new moped by not knowing what it's all about.

Re: Wont Run

i had found that it rain on Mixed but i was just making sure.... here is pic of it.....

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