tomos weak spark

So here's the skinny:

I gotz me a tomos targa LX, I think from '95 or so.

The spark on it is quite weak. It exists, but it's weak as all hell. I had a spark checker light on it and it gave a weak little light. I pulled it open to the magneto.


1: where the hell are the points? Are they farther towards the back of the bike?

2: is this just a case of a bad magneto? If so, is it just the main ignition magneto? Do I need to replace the lighting magneto as well?

I believe that the ignition coil (external coil) is still good. I tried switching in one from another bike with no improvement in spark.

So tell me what I can do for how cheap to get my baby running again. This is my very favorite beater and I want to get her back on the road again.

Thanks in advance,


Re: tomos weak spark

SO. No help from you moped stiffs? K'mon!

Re: tomos weak spark

It sounds like you could use new points or cleaned points at least. I am still a moped noob but I found that a new set of points fixed a few mopeds I was tearing my hair out over.

I hope this helps. :D

Re: tomos weak spark

The points are under the magneto if you have them. Make sure they're clean and in good shape, also check the wiring/spark plug wire/plug cap/ spark plug.

Re: tomos weak spark

Edit: The points are under the flywheel.

Re: tomos weak spark

Nice one. I'll try and rip it down another notch next week sometime. I've checked the plug, wire, and cap. If I can set the points and get this back on the road without buying a new magneto I'll be a happy man. If not, someone got an extra magneto they can part with?

But first, I'll try and rip it down to the points. Fucking Tomos, I love 'em, but they really designed there bikes to be shitty to work on.

thanks agian,

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