1978 Yamaha LB50 Chappy Carb

Look at the subject... now here's the question, how do I take this puppy off? It seems like I will have to take off way too many parts in order to get this carb out.

What is the best way to get the carb out of a Yamaha LB50 Chappy?

Re: 1978 Yamaha LB50 Chappy Carb

I Just took mine apart yesterday and and it was very easy. Loosen the 4 Phillips head screws that attach the reed block to the cylinder. They are just in front of the car. Just make sure nothing falls into the hole, especially the screws!

The entire car, airbox, and reed block will come out in one piece for easy cleaning.

Good luck.


Re: 1978 Yamaha LB50 Chappy Carb

That seems easy enough. Thanks for the help!!!

Re: 1978 Yamaha LB50 Chappy Carb

I went out to look at my moped after reading this and realized that there seems to be some sort of metal guard keeping the airbox in. Is it OK for me to take this off? It seems like it would be, but it never hurts to ask. This be my first moped.

Re: 1978 Yamaha LB50 Chappy Carb

2 bolts remove them and the barde is out no problem

Re: 1978 Yamaha LB50 Chappy Carb

Alright, now all that I have to do is go and find the right sized screw driver to take out the carb. Thanks for answering all of my questions.

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