transmission doesn't disengage, engine dies

Looking for some help with my first moped. Whenever I slow to a stop, the engine dies. If I have it on the stand and the rear wheel up, it spins like crazy. I can slow the wheel spin with the brake, but if I let off the brake, the wheel speeds up. This condition is not constant, but happens about 60 percent of the time. What should I be trying?



Re: transmission doesn't disengage, engine dies

Does the trottle get stuck open? Some rust might have gotten inside the throttle line. Make shure the carb is clean too.

Re: transmission doesn't disengage, engine dies

hey you got the idle cranked up to high! thats why the wheel spins,its engageing the trans mission ,why it shuts down when you come to a stop is a whole other problem the people you got it from must have cranked the idle up so as to try and make it stop stalling when you slow down and stop,make sure you have good clean fuel and the proper gas mix,muy importanta,also a good clean carb is essential

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